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Choose a Defense - Week 3


Choose your favorite Defense for week 3

  • Panthers
  • Rams
  • Eagles
  • Browns
  • Dolphins
  • Colts


Rams this week.


Give me Rams on a Thursday against niners


I agree with the two fellas above, dolphins would be a good option as well VS. a struggling Jets offense.


Dolphins are the best option. Thursday night teams on the road are always scary.


Dolphins absolutely. The jets this year will be like the browns a few years back, any defense they play is almost an auto start.


I picked up the Eagles. They got a good pass rush and the Giants can keeps guys off Eli to save their life.


I’m a Niners fan, and I’d definitely put the Rams D up against them.


im lookin at the eagles here. i dont like the short prep week for the rams, dolphins D isnt really that impressive. but the eagles, they are stout. every team is going to give up yards and points, but they have the best chance to get picks and sacks this week. a frustrated eli, a pressured eli… picks and sacks baby.