Choose my PPR line up! (Photo in the post)

Thats how it looks right now… would you change anything?

I’d rather play Singletary over Lindsay against Chi


Do you think we can trust him this week? I have lindsay because of the ppr, but im definitely not confident in him

I think Singletary caught 5 passes last week himself

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I’d take my shot on Burkhead or Singletary this week over Lindsay. Both have easier matchups than the bears


I think Lindsay will be fantasy relevant all year. I even think the idea that Royce will overtake him is highly questionable.

HOWEVER: I think this week, you tuck him away and give Singletary a ride. The matchup is just too sweet. I know you’ve already got Brown in there, and I know the Giants will show some pride, but I think even if the Bills don’t win, Brown and Singletary both eat this week.


Yes, flex somone else. The bears give nothing on defense and this is the denver broncos offense.

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Thanks for the feedback fellas, went with singletary

So naturally, Lindsay will outscore him today lol. Gotta love fantasy. Think you’re making the right decision whether it works out or not

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Hahaha thats exactly was going to happen