Choose one set of 3 keepers

I can do a couple trades to acquire Aaron Jones and Antonio Brown. Keep 3 players no matter what, not draft position penalty. .5 PPR League. Which set of keepers is better?

Current Keepers:
Joe Mixon
Stefon Diggs
Kerryon Johnson

Potential Keepers:
Aaron Jones
Antonio Brown
Kerryon Johnson

I’d stick with Mixon and Diggs. To me, the gap between Mixon and Jones is much bigger than the gap between Brown and Diggs.

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I don’t know that the gap size between players is bigger… but just in the sense that it’s a keeper league, I’d keep what you have instead of going out of the way to acquire an elite player with a couple more elite seasons left (assuming Oakland doesn’t outright ruin him)

I’d stick with Mixon/Diggs personally… a lot of questions with Brown in Oakland, and Diggs is just now entering his prime, and Mixon has fewer questions than Jones does in terms of his access to all three downs.

Keep in mind, AB is still going to get 170+ balls thrown his way. Idc who the guy is playing for, he’s talented and his effort has never been questioned. Diggs isn’t the main target in MIN and Mixon plays on a terrible team that will forfeit the run early in games because their defense is so bad. LaFluer says it will be a time share, but Jones is far more talented than Williams and will get the bulk of the work.

This was my thought too, you just don’t know how Brown will perform/act in Oakland and Diggs should only getbetter. I think I’d rather keep the younger guys with more potential (even though Mixon is already better than Jones).

Agreed, AB will continue to get his targets, but how long can he be as effective? He’s about to turn 31 while Diggs is still 25. Diggs isn’t the surefire #1, but I expect that offense to be better as well as the Bengals. Mixon had a great year behind a terrible o-line with basically no other help on offense. I expect a bigger year from Mixon witha a healthy Dalton, AJ Green, and maybe Tyler Eifert.

I’d also prefer to stick with Mixon/Diggs > Jones/Brown. The level of risk is so much lower with Mixon & Diggs. Aaron Jones may have another nightmare season sharing with Jamaal Williams. Antonio Brown could be a diva this year. Diggs just got paid, is entering his prime and Mixon should be a workhorse for the next couple of years at least.

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I would much rather have the Mixon/Diggs side over the Jones/Brown side. I think Mixon is much better than Jones. I am very high on Mixon this year, could see him as a top 5 RB.

I am really nervous about Brown this year. First time ever playing for a team other than the Steelers, and getting a huge decline in QB talent throwing the ball to him. Last year was the first time Carr has ever thrown for 4000 yards in a season, yet he only had 19 TDs. His TD total has gone down every year since 2015 (2015-32TDs, 2016-28TDs, 2017-22TDs, 2018-19TDs). They also have a really rough stretch on the middle of the season where they basically have 5 road games in a row with a buy mixed in, so could be 6 weeks in a row where your WR1 could be hurting you (week 3 - @Vikings, week 4 - @Colts, week 5 - “home game” in London vs Bears, week 6 - bye, week 7 - @Packers, week 8 - @Texans)

Sounds like your mind is already made up. You’re questioning AB’s production sustaining, but yet you’re talking about Dalton, Green and Eifert being big…how long will that sustain, if it ever happens? I think Diggs is one of the most talented WRs in the league, he’s just not going to see as many targets as AB for the next 2-3 seasons. I do like Mixon over Jones as players, but I like the future success fo GB way more than CIN. The way I set my roster is trying to get the best players on teams that score a lot of points or players that are going to get a ton of targets.