Choose Wisely

I’ve got pick 1.01 in a 10 team .5 ppr league, which set of three keepers would you choose to pair with CMC?

Alvin Kamara- 2nd
JK Dobbins- 3rd
Antonio Gibson- 5th


Alvin Kamara- 2nd
Antonio Gibson- 5th
Lamar Jackson- 14th

If you have the first pick, why would you settle for CMC instead of taking Derrick Henry?

Since you don’t really need four RBs, and Dobbins is barely a 3rd round pick anyway, I guess I’d keep the group with Lamar.

That’s fair. I just think Dobbins explodes this year and was hoping to grab him. A lot of RBs will he kept or taken in the first round and a half, so I doubt he makes it back to me at 3.01. We have 3 flex spots in this league, so 4 potential top 12 RBs could be huge.

Meh, Dobbins is mired in a 3-way committee headed by his QB. And the 3 carries for 0 yards in the first preseason game, including a 1 yard loss on 4th and 1, weren’t particularly awe-inspiring.

CMC is too valuable to pass on at the 1.01, especially in .5 PPR. I fully believe CMC and Ekeler will be the only RBs to reach at least 90 targets (possibly 100+).

CMC may not rush for 1500+ yds like Henry, but he does have the realm of 1,000+ rush yds/80+ rec 1,000+ rec yds and 18+ total TDs. Way more valuable in any type of PPR format than just a straight runner, imho.

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CMC is not only coming off of a major injury, but he is also the consensus #1 overall pick. Therefore, he has little to no chance of axually finishing the season as the #1 fantasy RB.

Derrick Henry has the best chance, followed by Ezekiel Elliott, followed by CMC with the third-best chance.

While I agree, the road is harder for CMC to be the overall RB1, in a half-PPR format, he has the best chance to be the RB1 imho.

I also agree Henry has a good chance he can challenge for the RB1. The issue is he wasnt the RB1 in any PPR scoring format last year with his over 2,000 yds/17 TDs.

CMC is coming back from nagging injuries and a high ankle sprain. CAR did it right last year and didnt rush him back from the ankle. He happened to hurt his shoulder when he came back. I am way more hesitant on Barkley’s injury return than CMC’s.

I love some Zeke, however, there are way too many mouths to feed now in DAL and their defense is going to be marginally better. However, I think Zeke has a better chance to be the RB1 in any PPR scoring format over Henry. The knock on Zeke for me is, he has never been the overall RB1 in his career even when the offense ran through him.

Overall, any of those names you mentioned can be the RB1 overall, just personally I would take the chance on CMC repeating as the RB1 overall at the 1.01 over the other names.


Well put! I love Henry but if we’re going in any PPR format I would be grabbing CMC.

I don’t like the price of Dobbins in the 3rd- so I’d take the group with Lamar as well. His receivers seem to be having a little bit of trouble so I imagine he’ll be running just as much.
…will Sammy Watkins become a thing this year!?

I think I’d go the Lamar route too for the shear fact that he doesn’t cost you anything draft wise. Even if you don’t get dobbins in the 3rd you will still get a great probably wr there and any combo of that person plus lamar is gonna trump dobbins plus whoever you get in the 14

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I’m not sure you understand how “chances” work. You see, if the road is HARDER for CMC to be the overall RB1 than it is for others, then others have a BETTER chance of being the overall RB1. If CMC has the BEST chance of being the RB1, then his road is EASIER than everyone else’s.

I guess I worded it wrong.

I meant in general it is hard to be the overall RB1 (repeat RB1 or otherwise), however I personally believe CMC has the best shot to do it over the names you provided to draft instead of CMC.

The fact of the matter is that as good as Henry is, he doesn’t catch the ball. It would be very foolish to take him over McCaffrey. I wouldn’t even take him over Cook