Choosing Draft Position Urgently

I’m a late fill-in entry to a 12-Team PPR League, there are 3 open spots for me to draft from; 5, 8, 9… I didn’t start my mocks yet and I’ve been kinda put on the spot… where would you choose to draft from? Why?

I would choose 9.
Simply because of the faster turn.
I like to draft RB heavy early and for me to have the best value all round it’s better for me to take a Josh jacobs/ miles Sanders/ kenyan drake/ mixon at pick 9 vs Dalvin cook and someone like Gurley or Kelce at pick 5. It all depends on what route you want to take. Good luck

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I would also choose the 9, the later 1st round RB’s are very strong this year. Also you get to play the turn, which is very nice! Hope this helps persuade you. Good luck!

yeah i agree with everyone else. If I cant get one of the first 3 picks to get one of the big 3 then give me as late of a first rounder as I can

I didn’t see the responses in time but I did go with 9. After running through 1 real mock and several automated mocks, 5 seems terrible… you’re still getting a RB with a Question mark, then getting a 2nd tier WR or TE with your 2nd pick… vs 2 RBs with question marks who could still end up inside the top 5 at the 9th pick.

Follow up question though, do you rank Sanders and Drake ahead of Mixon? Or were those names in no particular order?

I have Sanders ranked 8 in full ppr so im pretty high on him. It’s risky but im gambling on upside. Both mixon and kenyan are so closely matched I would close my eyes and pick. Not much help as I’m in a similar situation :joy: