Choosing Draft Position

Hey guys, my league mates and I are playing a round of golf this weekend to determine the draft order.

The catch is the person who wins the round doesn’t automatically get the first pick, they get to pick which spot they want to draft from.

I should be able to choose third or fourth out of the group, what spot should I try to shoot for? I’ve been doing a lot of mocks at different positions and I haven’t really found one I like yet.

I love 3rd or 4th spot to be honest… The 7 and 8th spot isnt to bad either… I hate 1 and 10/12

So I’d try to go for 3-4 if it was me… But I also know alot of plp who love the dead middle of the pack…
I don’t like it there as i have alot of guessing what might get back to me and I feel like I reach more from that spot… Being close to a turn but not right on it gives me a real good shot at knowing what I need to take now and what I can wait to come back around to me.

I agree with @Fr0sty11. I like the teams I get drafting at the break between either the 1st and 2nd quarters (3 or 4 spot) or the 3rd and 4th quarters (9 or 10 spot) the best. Generally, the 3 or 4 spot lets me get a top tier RB, Gronk and another RB or WR I’m really happy with. Likewise, the 9 or 10 spot usually lets me get a tier 2 RB AND WR and Ertz or Kelce.

Like @Fr0sty11 I don’t like being on the turn and I don’t like the middle of the pack because those spots make it harder for me to gauge who will make it back to me for my next pick.