Choosing My Keepers Help

Trying to pick two of the following keepers. Drake (5th), Ekeler (5th), Carson (7th), Jacobs (3rd), Zeke (1st). I also do not have my second round pick. This league is 12 man & .5PPR.

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ekeler and zeke

Do you have the draft order yet to know where in the round you’re picking?

Jacobs and Drake

Yeah I will likely be picking 10th or 11th, which is why it may be hard to keep Zeke. Because then I don’t have my 1st or 2nd. Im leaning towards 2 players between Drake, Ekeler, and Carson. But Jacobs is still interesting.

Yeah that could be a good option. Just is gonna suck that Im picking at spot 10 or 11, then I’ll pick at 11 and not again until 38 and 62

I think Jacobs and Drake because you’ll end up with 2 first round picks and probably a WR1 w/ your 1st round pick. Can you even keep Drake and Ekeler or do you have 2 5th round picks?

If i keep two 5th rounders, i believe that i lose my 5th and 6th. Or i lose my 4th & 5th. And yeah that is a good point. I am currently trying to trade for some 3-4 round picks to get some good recievers in that range

Carson and Ekeler for me.

Carson should be a low end RB1 and in the 7th that’s sick value. Ekeler is more likely IMHO to be similar to what he was last year, and the year before for that matter. I do not think that Drake is worth it. I am not a strong believer in him. I liked what he did, but I think Eno and Chase are solid players who will be taking more than expected of that backfield.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help.

You should take Jacobs and Zeke, the value is there for Zeke, getting him at 1.10-1.11 instead of 1.03 which is where he is solidly going. Jacobs will be a second round pick and you get him at 3.10-3.11. Ekeler and Drake may be good but the risk on those guys would turn me off to keeping them vs the other guys. They will most likely go in the 3rd/4th round anyways. Carson will most likely go in 5th-7th round anyways which is why I would go for the other guys. There is a ton of talent in the 4,5, and 6th round picks for receiver which you should smash when you get there.