Chris Boswell?

So my power has been out the last 10 hours and I check my team as I do before the games and it says Chris Boswell has been dropped by 26000 people! I’ve looked on the news and found nothing. Is this because if the wind and rain? Probably by the time this question is answered it will be at 27,000 people

And we just hit 27,000

Yeah it is. Kicking will be much harder. Probably people that stream kickers and just picking up a different guy

I think that is the case but 27,000 thousand people normally means a injury or benched

Yeah I don’t see anything about that. Honestly kicker is such a steamed position outside of Gostowski and those guys you just go with who will have a good week. Just picked up Gano in my league. He’s playing the Cowboys and kicking in a dome. Sounds safe to me

It’s was just weird tome since I have never had a kicker that has been dropped so much. I’ve had kickers dropped around 10k levels but never this high. I guess I must be lucky with my kickers