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Chris Carson Broken Leg


After watching Carson break his leg on SNF I snatched up JD McKissic and Eddie Lacy but I can’t keep both of them on my roster because I have players on bye’s next week and I need to make adjustments. Which one is the better one to keep in a 12 team full point PPR?


Definitely mckissick, Lacy’s a fat piece of poop


McKissic… The Seahawks are not fans of Lacy for some reason and Rawls is injury prone. I think Seahawks backfield is going to be a mess but it looks like McKissic is the shiny new toy that Pete Carrol will want to show off.


That is great news! So I have only lost D Johnson, Cook and Woodhead!!! I haven’t lost 4 in one season. Lol :joy: :joy::joy: