Chris Carson for Hollywood Brown and Jonathan Taylor?

I have CEH and Aaron Jones as my starting RBs and Carson is my flex now. Chark and McLaurin are my starting WR with Gibson, RoJo as RB depth and Ruggs, Brian Edwards, and Brandon Cooks as WR depth. 16 team standard scoring.

What are your starting lineup requirements? How many teams?

2 WR 2 RB 1 Flex

Yes, I’d make that deal.

I would actually disagree with @fun4willis on this one.

In a league that deep, I think having 3 guaranteed bell cow RBs is way more valuable than WR depth, especially this year. And your WR depth is already pretty good.

I would hold Carson.

Also, did you mean Chark as your WR?

I think its a good deal. Im really high on both Brown and Taylor. I’d take it. You’re getting potential RB1 and WR2 (fringe WR2) for a probable RB1. Depends on what you believe about Taylor. Im all in on both.

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My motivation was not for the WR depth. That is just bonus. But I think it’s possible that JT scores more points in 2020 than Carson.

I worry about Taylor because Mack is really good and Hines will take a good amount of the pass work. I’m worried about Taylor’s upside and I’d like to keep the RB depth. But I do have RoJo for early season to see if Taylor breaks out. But if he doesn’t then RoJo gets replaced by Fournette I’m screwed at RB besides Gibson

At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut. I’m all in on Taylor, but I do think he may take a few weeks to take the job. Mack is a fine RB, but Taylor is much more talented. If you are curious to see how good Taylor actually is, check his college tapes. He averaged 2000 rushing yards & 18 TDs per season, 6.7 yards per carry, and caught 26 passes his senior year. He’s explosive RB that WILL take the starting role. When he takes it is up in the air. That is my take.