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Chris Carson for Jarvis Landry (1 PPR)


Hey all,

3 WR league full PPR

I’m weak at WR with Julio, Garcon, Higgins, Sanu and strong at RB with Gordon, Freeman, Fournette, Carson.

Trying to target a WR from a team weak at RB. Is Carson for Landry good value? This team has Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, Golden Tate, Davante Adams, Jarvis Landry.

Landry seems like a sneaky good WR 2/3 in full PPR, but should I be targeting one his higher ranked WRs?



I’d think you would be getting the better end of that deal in a full PPR


Running backs are a lot harder to come by than receivers. I would aim high and then work your way down. I bet you could get Golden Tate at worst. I like him more than Landry because of QB play.