Chris carson for Johnathan Taylor

1/2 ppr Team A gets Chris Carson and Jamison Crowder Team B gets Johnathan Taylor and Allen Robinson. What team do you like in the trade? TeamA has Henry and CEH at RB, Aj Brown, Hollywood Brown, AJ Green and Marvin Jones at WR.

I’d want Taylor and Robinson

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Agree with Jdoty team B is getting better trade.

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Johnathan Taylor and Allen Robinson >>>>>>> Chris Carson and Jamison Crowder

I’d be very surprised is team A accepts this offer.

I agree with the consenus, Team B is on the better side of this. Allen Robinson is expected to be a top 10 WR this year, while Crowder is barely expected to be a top 30 WR. Carson for Taylor is closer due to Carson having top 10 upside and everyone epecting Taylor to take off now that Mack is done for the year.