Chris Carson for Lev Bell?

I’m the owner of David johnson, Nick Chubb, Chris Carson. Should I trade for leveon bell?

You aren’t getting Lev Bell for just Chris Carson I doubt, if that is what you are asking.

Right, probably need a WR2/3 along with it.

I would or hell even wait to see if he blows up this week and then sell him high!

The Lev Bell owner is 0-4 and with tyreek hill. He is very desperate, I am also looking at hill. I think I’m going to hold out.

I mean if he will take Carson for Bell straight up I’d 100% do it. I am just doubtful he will go for that.

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Lev Bell’s schedule after week 8 is LOVELY…just sayin!

If he’s even entertaining that idea hit accept right away

I offerd up R Woods, C Carson and M Andrews for Julio and Bell…but doubt that even works