Chris Carson for Michael Thomas? (.5 PPR)

The Thomas owner offered me a straight up one for one, Thomas for Carson. If I do this my other RBs will be Saquon, Clyde, Sanders, Gibson & Akers. Lot of depth but I also play the Thomas owner this week.

If it matters, I started 1-0 and he is 0-1. Would you guys agree to this trade even if you play the other owner this week? Or is it something not worth considering?

Thanks for any feedback!

He’s making the offer because he’s not going to have Thomas this week…that said, with your RB depth I’d be willing to make that trade. When Thomas comes back he’s going to score points. I don’t think your opponent is thinking long term.

who are your WRs? I feel like it matters. Also, I would be extremely cautious about the high ankle sprain. You basically are trading for a player who you’ll be able to confidently start in ~optimistically~ 6 weeks. To assume you’d be able to confidently play him any earlier than that is wishful thinking. If it was me, I’d look to trade Carson for a healthy WR2 like Calvin Ridley or the like. But obviously that depends on your team.

He’s definitely in a hole because he also had Mack & Bell so he’s in desperation mode.

My current WRs are ARob (Bears), AJ Brown, Sutton, Boyd, Fuller and Devante. I remember it all too well as I traded for Saquon last year and it was very annoying. It’s harder to pull the trigger though due to it being so early in the season and I’m not sure where I’ll be by the time he gets back.

So you would shop Carson around for another WR or just hold him?

You’re team is solid, but i would probably shop him for a WR2 and RB2/3 if you can. Maybe Pair him with one of your WRs to do a WR upgrade/RB downgrade. I feel like going after Thomas will hurt your team in the long run

That’s sound logic. Six weeks or more is a lot of games/matchups. Still, would love to have him come the playoffs.

go for it, sounds like an ok trade

I’m going to say you could probably ride the Saquan, Carson, Clyde threesome all the way to the end, barring injury. But like others mentioned look for a guy like Ridley, or DK + another. I think your WRs are enough with your RBs. How’s your TE and QB?