Chris Carson help

I’m the carson owner and the penny owner will only trade me penny for calvin Ridley is this a trade you would make to solidify my running backs

Any help ???

Don’t do it.

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. I still think Carson is the lead back here. Definitely on thin ice so I get why you’d consider doing this trade but Carson is so good and calvin Ridley is really good too

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I would want Penny just as insurance to Carson. I don’t think he will take over, but Carson runs hard & is an injury risk.

But I wouldn’t do that trade for Ridley one for one. That’s too high of a price tag.


I wouldn’t. If you want RB help, I would shop Michel as soon as he has a big game and try to package him with Brown, Chark or MVS to get a more reliable RB.

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Was able to talk him into DJ chark straight up for penny