Chris Carson Inury

Who would you pick up instead of Carson? It seemed he was going to be the full time back until now obviously seems he’ll be out for season if not a while.
I’m interested in McKissic because I think Lacy is a dud and I get the feeling the Seahawks feel that way as well…

I’m hearing Rawls will be the guy. Popped up on Sleeperbot.

didnt watch the gme but heard mckissic was a slightly smaller but faster more skat back type of guy. those kind of guys worry me, esp. with an o line like seattle has. need a guy who can run through other people. i may pick up mckissic and rawls and drop the one who doesnt do much. lets be real prosise is prob the best guy in the back field but for what ever reason he isnt being used as much even when hes healthy.

I asked the same question earlier and everybody is saying to go with McKissic. But after Carson went down, it was Lacy who got most of the touches. I don’t see Rawls taking the lead role because he was a healthy scratch in week 4 while it was Lacy who suited up. Nobody really knows for sure at this point so hopefully more news will develop during the week.

Possible that rawls scratched cause hes a similar style back to carson, where as lacy is more of a big goal line guy. maybe they figured they would mix it up a bit. heard lacy looked solid tho

Yeah honestly I’m feeling that Lacy could get goal line touches, but dunno if McKissic or Rawls gets the other. The podcast today made it sound like they were surprised at McKissic even in practice so he may surprise make an appearance as a starter…I feel I’m more excited about him than Lacy tho