Chris Carson or Aaron Jones

Was thinking about dropping TJ yeldon for Chris Carson or Aaron Jones, both of waivers I have fournette and assuming he will be back soon didn’t think yeldon was needed. Should I pick up one of these two instead? if so which one?

Depends what you need. If you need production right now, go and grab carson. Seems like he’s getting most of the touches.

If you can afford the risk and wait a while, go and grab jones. He’s the better RB on a better offense.

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Carson is the safer pickup for immediate production. I still lean slightly more on Carson either way, but Aaron looked like the best runner by far Saturday in GB

Neither is great. CC is good for useage now, but last week i think was a mirage. AJ has more potential but it won’t show up soon. The issue i have with CC, and i dropped him a week ago, is that offense is all over the place. The 2 weeks i had him he was garbage, then out of nowhere they use him non-stop. There’s no way that ends p consistent i think it’s like last year’s cluster eff all over again. how many times did we see it where there was a new for sure guy he got 25 caries then nothing a week later. eff pete caroll lol.

Very good points, Right now my RBs are Lamar miller, fournette, AP (bye week), Joe Mixon (inj), and TJ Yeldon.

Could use some help now but Aaron jones seems like a solid pickup too since he may be the lead back here soon in GB. tough decision.

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Not sure if you can afford to drop yeldon if you’re a fournette owner.

I’d try and trade AP+ and do a 2 for 1. AP is going to do this all year. Have a random big game, and be useless every other time.

I’d rather own Jones than AP ROS that’s for sure.