Chris Carson ROS

What do people think of Carson ROS?
Is he still a must hold? Is Davis gonna make this a full blown committee? Obviously we don’t know but what are thoughts at the moment?

I personally don’t want any part of this backfield because it’s so murky. I had been holding Penny hoping he could take the job. Last week when Carson went down I put Penny in, thinking he’d be the guy. Cost me the week so I dropped him and may be jaded. But who knows? With Pete saying it’s going to be shared he’ll probably give it to one guy.

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I think the Seattle backfield will be a full blown committee, and want no part of any of their RBs behind that bad offensive line in Seattle…

a giant question mark which will stay that way all season long. i don’t see anybody stepping up and being the definitive #1 RB at any point. i think he should be held, for sure, but not depended on whatsoever. his value to your team should only be incremental upside. you should get someone more dependable but it’s worth holding him too.