Chris Carson Trade

Thinking of trading Tyler Locker & Duke Johnson Jr for Chris Carson. Curious what yall thought. My lineup is below.

QB - Jameis Winston (Im waiver picking QBs)
RB - James Conner
RB - Austin Ekeler
WR - Devante Adams
WR - Robert Woods
TE - George Kittle
Flex - Tyler Locket
D - Ravens
K - Wil Lutz

Duke Johnson Jr
Alshon Jeffery
LeSean McCoy
Matt Breida
Russell Wilson
Golden Tate
Mohamed Sanu

I’d never accept that if I was the Carson owner, but I’m probably a bit more down on Duke Johnson than the rest of the world.

I think you can offer Woods instead of Lockett and that may get it done.

Carson going at a premium right now, may get better value if Duke has a big week 1 and Penny gets a good share of the carries.

Plus, i think you have more running back versatility than wide receiver. Potential for some of your bench guys to be big early on and then they have more trade value to get you the guys you want.

That would leave me too weak at WR in my opinion. Wouldnt want to have both Lockett and Carson.

You have some depth I’d go for a bigger home run hit. See if anyone loves woods. Pair ekeler with him and get an Evans possibly. You gotta feel out values to other teams, but that move prolly won’t fly to them and I dunno how much it even does for you.