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Chris Carson?


What are your overall thoughts on Chris Carson? was he a one week wonder on a bad offense or is he a real deal guy that needs to be picked up? PPR format and general thoughts welcomed.


If you watch him he is a good runner. We all know that line is garbage and not opening many holes. Yet, he has looked good. I am a Packer fan and I thought he was by far the best back in wk 1. Just 6 carries, but he turned them into 39. I was happy it was only 6 cause he could have done some damage!

So yes, I like Carson. I have him in my 14tm league. Right now deciding between Cohen, Gore, Carson, and Abdullah (lost DJ). He might just start for me this week.


Thanks for the insight, I haven’t seen him run yet and was hoping to get an inside opinion. I need a 4th back and have been holding onto D. Murray in hopes Zeek would be suspended but now he is worthless. My backs would be Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Doug martin and Chris Carson. not flashy but solid.