Chris Godwin concern?

hello, what do you thing I need to concern about Godwin?
MY Skill players: WR :Scarry Terry, Chris Godwin, Clavin Ridley
RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Jonathan Taylor, Miles Sanders

This injury is serious?

Thanks if you read my question and a help: )

You can never be sure with concussions, but they very rarely last longer than a week or two as far as NFL availability. To my knowledge, he does not have an extensive concussion history (if a guy like Brandon Cooks got a concussion, I would be very concerned).

He probably misses this week and plays next week. I would have a low level of concern. If it’s bad, I would still be surprised if it’s more than 3 weeks.

oké thanks I guess I will start McLaurin.

I have a similar concern with Godwin. I do have the handcuff in Gronk but not sure if it is a smart play to put him in my lineup at this time. My options are Shepard vs CHI, Lazard vs DET.

Gronk is not a handcuff for Godwin… don’t play him

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I’m now looking to drop him. It doesnt look like he is going to do much on the roster but blocking. :frowning: