Chris Godwin for Aaron Jones straight up?

Through some crafty trading I have acquired Julio Jones, and Amari Cooper on a team that I already had Davante Adams and Chris Godwin. I was offered Aaron Jones fresh off his big day for Chris Godwin in return. He has been down as of late but has a seriously easy playoff schedule. I already have Chubb and Jacobs as starters but lost Kerryon to injury and traded Carson earlier in the season. I am hesitant to trade Godwin but Aaron Jones can set up my team nicely for playoffs as well. Should I trade Godwin for Aaron Jones?

Being an Amari Cooper owner myself and absolutely loving him, I would consider trading Cooper instead if the guy will do it. I’m hoping Cooper will be successful no matter the matchup, but he faces arguably the 4 toughest pass defenses in football the next four weeks. Maybe talent wins out in Cooper’s case, but I would probably rather play the matchups. How many receivers do you start?

Cooper’s also banged up, more of a reason to move him as a priority. I’d do the trade Godwin for Jones if you are confident in your other WR’s going forward. RB depth is super important right now.

2 WRs and a Flex so I could possibly start 3 per week.

Other owner is insisting on Godwin probably for the great playoff schedule. They approached me so I am also ok with not making a trade too. I just picked up Guice, Mattison and Drake in previous weeks to help with depth but I don’t have a true #3 if a starter goes down.

Drake looks like he could be the dude in ARI for the foreseeable future. DJ looks hurt

Yes that is definitely what it is looking like. I think I’m just going to hold on and see what happens for now. I have until week 12 before our trade deadline and just need one more win to guarantee playoffs. So I am in good shape