Chris Godwin for Geronimo Allison

Godwin is on waivers and I’m thinking about picking him up. All I can think of dropping maybe Geronimo? I might just stay with Allison but I like godwins situation more since Aaron Rogers is hurt
Full PPR.
Just need some thoughts from the clan


I would drop Corey Davis, I don’t trust any one from the titans offense, its a trap

Only issue for me is Davis is at least their WR1. Godwin is one of numerous options and the QB situation for TB is gonna get muddled really soon. It seems like you need WR’s more than RB – consider dropping J Allen? Are you ever really going to play any of these guys? Think of who you actually need to put in your line up and then who has higher trade value.

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Peyton Barber is at least the Buc’s starting running back does not mean he’s worth starting every week. Some team’s WR1 and RB1 are actually WR3 and RB3 talent because of their offense or quarterback. I would drop davis for Godwin because he is getting red zone targets, and averaging about 5 receptions a game. Corey Davis is a trap, I would keep Allen just in case something happens to Collins you have a top tier hand cuff

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I agree with it being muddled soon, especially with Winston coming back. I have Cooper Kupp in my flex for WR depth. Allen is such a red zone threat and great for my PPR, I will definitely use him during bye weeks. Great point tho. I need to reevaluate

Completely agree. I just like Davis’ target share. He gets peppered with them and it’s great for PPR. Buck Allen is staying for sure.

Very fair point about Allen. I like Allen much more than Powell anyway – must have overlooked him before.

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