Chris Godwin for Stefan Diggs

Full PPR? My other receivers are Marquise Brown, Dj Moore, and Robert Woods

Not sure if your team but I would take Godwin

Agree. I would grab Godwin if you can.

I have Godwin but I just like the chemistry between him and Josh Allen. Not really feeling Brady this year he seems more like a glorified game manager to me

Ya, was thinking of even trying to shop Godwin on an up-week within the next week or two. RB use in the redzone also kind of gives me a little pause with Tampa on the whole.

I never thought Diggs would be performing to this level, and same with Allen. Now they did play bad teams but holy moly, Josh Allen seems to be leveling up in a way that Carson Wentz has not, and Josh Allen looks like a monster stud this year. and with the threat of his running, that really helps open things up especially when he’s playing well and making throws. i am excited for him this year if he can continue this upswing.


My pre-draft Target was Josh Allen in the 8/9
but the guys here… were so high on Murray and when he fell to me in 6th I took him.
too early to tell if I whiffed on that. both are solid.

If I redrafted… I take Waller in same spot as Murray and wait on Josh Allen

Godwin… is not going to produce without 50 passes a game and 3 INTS and coming from behind… he is WR2 and I agreee… I’d sell high on him if he goes off in the next few weeks


Yeah and bucs seem like there leaning more towards pounding the rock with there running backs too. Brady’s not going to sling it around everywhere and Evans is going to get most of the deep balls. Godwin has a nice floor but I dont see him getting those numbers from last year