Chris Herndon IV

Want to pickup Herndon now off waivers before his prices goes up. I unfortunately have OJ Howard :frowning_face:

Standard league and thinking about dropping either:

-Mecole Hardman since He is super boom or bust and Tyreek will eventually come back phasing him out.

-Geronimo allison - rogers hasn’t been himself lately but Devonta out may benefit Allison. Although I do like the rapport he has with Rogers.

Both are tough decisions but I really need help at TE and feel Herndon could provide long term value.

My other WR:
Tyler Locket
Robert Woods
Calvin Ridley
Marvin Jones
Robby Anderson

thoughts clan? :metal:

I like it I think herndon will be good especially because darnold could be back as early as this week. I would drop Allison personally


Definitely. He had a good connection with Darnold last year and with Bell there they will have to respect the run/pass.

I keep going back and forth on them!

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If you aren’t going to play Hardman this week you might as well drop him. Hill returned to practice yesterday. I doubt he plays this week but I bet he will be back next week making Hardman fairly irrelevant for fantasy.


Great point sir, I wasn’t starting Hardman this week anyways. Tyreek should phase him out since he plays the slot too.

Agreed drop Hardman for Herndon. Do you have to put in FAAB? A guy in my league just dropped him so I’m putting in $8 (Vance owner) but might do more not sure.

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Luckily no since waivers cleared he was available to pickup without any of my FAAB!!

Oh dang bro yeah I would do 10 in case because of Herndon’s possible longevity and hes passed his bye week.


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I’m doing the same thing or trying if he’s still there but not dropping Hardman until SAT so my opponent who is beat up at WR can’t use him.

Herndon though is going to take a while to be relevant IMO. He has not been practicing with the team. Very seldom can a suspended player do well on return unless they are some pro bowler which he is not.

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Yeah good point. I jumped the gun not wanting to risk someone getting him since word is slowly spreading.

Right. Ima stash for a little and hope he shows that rapport with Mr. mono. With Robby Anderson spreading the field and Bell with the run Herndon “should” be able to work.

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I’ll try tomorrow see if Herndon is still there if not…meh. Not worth the risk my opponent getting Hardman. I would never forgive myself getting beat by a player I just dropped.

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