Chris Herndon Value

Hi all!

I currently have the following TE’s in a 0.5 point ppr dynasty league:

Hunter Henry, Chris Herndon and Delaine Walker

I’m looking to trade Herndon, not a big fan of him, what do you believe his value is? Should I trade for another TE?

I actually really like Herndon this year. I think Darnold takes another step forward and the offense will be better with Lev in town. That being said, I highly doubt Herndon has any value since he wasn’t startable last year at all. I think he has a stream-value with every week starter (low end TE1) upside; so, I would hold him and hope he does well early to trade him on a high note. His value won’t be any lower than it is now.

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You’re not going to get much trade value out of Herndon, but he has big upside. Jets should be able to move the ball better this season and he will be a good red zone target for Darnold. Boxes will be stacked with Bell and Herndon will be a good hot route option off or close to the line. I’d start Henry over him weekly, but he would be a solid bye week filler or flex option if you’re dealing with depth issues or injuries.

The only option you could have that still benefits you is if someone is big on him and needs a TE and you could land a draft pick or some young guy with upside. There’s a lot of hype around rookie RB/WR this year. I don’t think you’ll get a 1st rounder for him, but if you could get a 2nd rounder and get a rookie WR or K. Murray and take a risk with them. If you’re not going to play him then you might as well take a trade to possibly get something out of him instead of sitting on your bench all season.

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Thank you both! You both make good points! I’ll keep him for now and see what happens.

Unless you can get one of the top 3 guys in rookie draft keep him. Walker is probably done. Broken ankle at his age, i don’t see him being super involved this season. And his contract is over after it anyway.
Keep herndon for the upside

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