Chris Hogan for Amari Cooper

Made this trade last week and I just wanted to get the Footclans’ opinion. I felt like this trade was enough to put me in prime position to be the favorite in the league.

Other WRs:
Larry Fitz
Michael Thomas
Cooper Kupp
Tyler Lockett

So tell me what do you guys think?

If you got the Cooper side it seems like a no brainer on the upside to me…

I was trying to be cute and made this trade in my league and I regret it especially now that Gordon is there and when Edelman gets back I don’t know what Hogan’s role will be. Already seeing limited targets and it will probably get worse.

I hope not for my sake but Just have to hope Gurley and Green continue to score 2+ TD’s a week to carry me.

Just to be clear, I gave away Hogan to pick up Cooper.

I got Hogan in the sixth or seventh. And I didn’t really want him so I bought low on Cooper because everyone is scared. Lol

To me, he’s still the number one receiver on that team. And he’s going to produce… Just not consistently.