Chris Hogan or Kenny Golladay?

Sunday night game, Kenny or chris?? Standard league.

I would go with the smooth smooth routes of Kenny G

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oof can only start one? with the marvin jones news that hes dealing with an ankle injury that just came up today, i would lean golladay but this week and next are the last 2 where hogan will be useful this season in my opinion, especially with gronk dealing with the ankle and gordon likely being a nonfactor. but i lean kenny g slightly.

In my league you can use a tight end as a flex. My main tight end is Tray Burton vs cardinals, and I have Zack Ertz as a flex vs Colts. Should I keep it that way or bench ertz and use Kenny g as a flex?? Quincy euniwa played last night. Only got 5 points. So wr slot is open for Kenny g or Hogan. Unless I bench Ertz and use Kenny g as flex and start Hogan as well.

What you think??

Who should I be targeting when trading away hogan?

I never flex a TE, just because they dont put up a whole lot of points. I usually go RB or WR, but I tend to lean WR.

put ertz as your starting TE, bench burton and play both kenny g and hogan