Chris Hogan rest of season

Full PPR, Is Chris Hogan a top 10 WR rest of season? Is he worth trading for?

The Hogan owner has dookie for RB so I want to offer Buck Allen and Pryor for Hogan, but I’m concerned about injury and future use.

What does the rest of your roster look like?

I think that would be a good trade, given that you have rb depth yourself. Hogan is getting the bulk of targets from Brady, and his injury this week doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about.

RBs: Mixon, Kamara, Buck, Foreman, McGuire
WRs: Dez, Crabtree, Pryor, demaryius, gabriel

I’ve been in an RB slump ever since David Johnson went out, scraping the bottom of the barrel and trying to push trades

Get an RB not Hogan?

Dez and Crabtree are good and I think pryor will trend up rest of season.

I agree, try to target another rb. Demaryius should be a good third WR with sanders injury and the amount of targets he seems to always get

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If I were going to trade Hogan I would try to get a higher end rb or maybe package a low end rb with him to try and make that happen. You should be good on WR

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Package buck and maybe thomas or dez for a descent RB you can play every week. Do not trade crabtree… He is a touchdown machine and cooper has too many drops to be effective all season… notice last night they needed a touchdown they went to every WR at the end of the game but amari

Yea I’ve been trying to target RBs but no bites. I figured if I can get more enticing WRs than I could get a better RB as well.

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