Chris hogan vs jacksonville

Should I start chris Hogan this week against a strong jacksonville défense? I have Mike Williams, Chris godwin and robby anderson on my bench. Half PPR. Thank you

My thought is there has to be a better option than them all on the waivers.

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If Deshaun out then Goodwin… otherwise M Williams. Trade R Anderson For K Stills or similar

I agree, I would try to trade Anderson away. Ideally you’ll get a flex-able player you can use this week. Stills isn’t a bad target and Tannehill and Gase said they want to get him more total targets going forward

Its truly all dependent on your waiver wire… I play exclusively in 10 team leagues…plenty of WR option…so I go RB heavy…all the time

If Snead or Sutton are on the waivers, those could be some decent fliers. But I agree with previous statements of trying to trade Robby Anderson for someone better. Maybe pair him up with another player and see if you can get a slight upgrade.

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