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Chris hogan


can’t decide if i should keep hogan with his potential and with the new england injuries
or pick up someone else on the waiver? standard scoring with bonuses…


I’m holding one more week at least. I didn’t check his full game numbers but he was in on the highest percentage of snaps among WRs in the first half. Brady missed him a couple of times on some shots like he did to everyone else. Factor in Amendola’s injury history. He’ll probably average 5-6 targets a game. But definitely a nice flex play on some weeks with a high ceiling.


I have a hard time with Hogan considering the amount of points to be spread around that offense. Cooks,Gronk, Amendola(Concussion)White, Lewis, Gillislee, and Hogan…my goodness.


I’m holding. He had peters on him most the night. The targets were there. That’s what matters


sadly he was the highest percentage snaps last year as well. I guess i’ll hold in a little bit to see how the adjustments are with the amendola injury and because in this league its bonus scoring.


haha true story but the upside is potentially there. I also went ahead and added james white to my watch list just because of what Mike said on today’s show. lol


Im definitely holding him. Don’t panic after one game against a potentially great defense. He gad Marcus Peters in him most if the game.


The Pats clearly want him heavily involved… 3 carries and more than a handful of targets…as a Pats fan the offense as a whole is more concerning to me than Hogan’s usage… IMO the Pats were trying too much… Hogan looked painfully out of place in the slot… Bill wants his guys to be versatile but it was musical chairs out there and Brady had nobody to throw to… Hell I’d honestly be stoked to see them throw Burkhead in the slot if they absolutely insist on having an athletic white guy there… but that’s besides the point… hold Hogan for now… once they get their shit together he’ll have a larger workload than anybody could’ve imagined.


That’s what I was thinking, Tom didn’t look like his normal self. I’ll hold on to him and see what happens. Thanks for the opinions fellas.


The Chiefs give them problems. They’re a talented and well coached defense. The Pats still put up 27. Once 3 of their top 5 WRs were out of the game, and Gronk got taken away they struggled to move the ball. Shocker. I really don’t get the concern for the offense. The defense, on the other hand, has quite a bit of work to so.


Hopefully you held on :blush:


Hogan is the WR1 in the patriots offense and I believe he will be a top 12 WR at seasons end.