Chris Johnson, Duke Johnson Jr., or Alvin Kamara? PPR

Im leaning towards Duke Johnson Jr b/c of the matchup, guaranteed targets in a .5 ppr, and just overall guaranteed touches. Idk if CJ2k is reliable yet but I want to go 3-0 so i might chuck him in there as an all in lol

bump need help!

I think Chris Johnson is the best choice here, he’s the starting back so he should definitely get the most touches, and on top of that he hasn’t looked half bad

I think you’re smartest play is Duke.

crap im going back and forth between those two. Can I really go wrong with either one? Its a toss up right

In a PPR league in your Flex I’d go for Duke. If he’s a single point dud, it’s just the flex. I generally try to avoid starting a RB in the flex in a PPR league, but if these are the options, Duke has the highest potential of double digits without being TD dependant.

Duke it is. Thanks guys