Chris thompson and buck allen got dropped, who do i get?

Thompson and javorius just got dropped in a league and i can get one of them and drop amari cooper. Who do i pick up? Standard scoring

Standard makes the decision a lot closer, if it was ppr without a doubt i would say thompson, but standard keeps these two much closer. Allen has more competition for snaps and carries but has been a td vulture most weeks. Thompson is game script dependant on the other hand so some games he might only get 5 touches while he can get 10+ in good games. If i had to chose to start one guy this week i would go with thompson, the dallas d has been pretty good against the run which should mean more thompson than peterson.

though question, this week buck allen faces the saints D, who isnt that great and thompson, assuming he is healthy, will probably be more used just like @marboon said.
But as for rest of season, i think i’d rather go thompson. Allen is vulturing TDs, but his numbers are really not impressive right now. 32yds, 44yds, 26yds, 47yds, 78yds, 19yds. If it wasnt for the TDs, he would be completely irrelevant for fantasy