Chris Thompson FAAB

Going to be targeting Thompson on the waivers this week as my running backs were Jerrick McKinnon and Devonte Freeman…as well as Ajayi, James Conner, and Jamal Williams. Point being I want Thompson. Its only a 10 team league, but a lot of smart owners, very competitive. $100 budget, how much would you spend?

How is Chris Thompson in your waivers? :o

Put 20% there (unless it is standard)

Been a fan of Chris Thompson since last year and the man is insane. I would actually consider spending $25-30 to lock him down. It seems a lot to spend 30% of your faab on week 1, but he can get you 10+ on a given week. It’s also really nice to see that he was utilized so much even with Adrian Peterson’s 26 carries.

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Dude dropped him for Adrian Peterson on Saturday. You think 20 huh?

that just seems like so much, i would hate to put that much and see that the next highest failed bid was like $10…but I guess I would rather have him then have nothing

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I would rather overpay and lock in someone like him than losing him because I wanted to save couple dollars. He’ll be top 15 RB as long as he doesn’t get injured

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