Chris Thompson on the waiver wires

So I’m in a league with some weird rule and some pretty dumb people. It’s half point ppr, 20 receiving yards = 1 point, and 10 rushing yards = 1 point. outside of .5 points for every reception there are no decimals, so 19 receiving yards = 0 points.Basically there is a double handicap on WRs.

We also have a 4 person bench so people have been dropping top players like Devonta Freeman, Doug Baldwin, Leonard Fournette, and Chris Thompson. I’ve taken full advantage of this, and this is what my roster looks like:

QB: Andy Dalton
RBs: Devonta Freeman, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, and Sony Michel
WRs: Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, Kenny Golladay, Calvin Ridley
TE: Jared Cook

I’m very happy with this roster, but I’m 3-2 and I’m worried about falling behind while I wait my RBs to recover. I’m hoping that at the very least that one of the three (Freeman, Cook, Fournette) will return to their top 10 RB form. Should I drop Ridley for Chris Thomson even though he’s also banged up, or should I consider dropping freeman/cook?

Any thoughts?

Drop ridley for sure, hes a good player with massive upside but on the amount of snaps and routes he can’t keep up the consistency. Chris thomoson on the other hand is a solid rb2 or flex play every week.

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I think I need to now. I just read 30 seconds ago that fournette might consider sitting out until after their week 9 bye.

Yeah don’t expect fournette back soon or maybe at all, hamstrings can ruin a season really easily. If he comes back from the bye and reaggrivates it it’s not out of the question they sit him until the playoffs.

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