Chris Thompson Trade Help

Been getting offers in one league where I desperately need WRs (12 Team PPR) for Chris Thompson.

Needless to say, the offers have been dog poo. One was Anthony Miller for CT straight up, another was Geronimo Allison for CT straight up, and another was DHenry-Fuller-CRidley for CT-Sutton, which I declined because it’s a downgrade to Henry, and I like Sutton this year more than Ridley.

Who should I be targeting that is a reasonable price for CT? Have the RB depth to deal him, but he is a starter for me right now so I can’t just give him away.

Thoughts? Thanks Footclan!!!

If he is one of your starters then you need to be getting a good starter in return.

he is right now because i’m waiting for others to get it going, my rbs in this league are:

DJ, Collins, Royce, Thompson, Crowell

and my WRs are Kupp, Hogan, Cole, Sutton, Callaway