Christian Kirk Current Value

I’ve got Kirk in a couple of leagues. One such league he would be my 5th(ish) WR.

10 team full point ppr. I’ve got a lot of people asking about him, and think I may throw him on the block.

What type of package would you look to get out of him. I’ve got a reasonable balance of youth and age, and presently all my 2020 picks.
I feel a high end flex and a 1st would be my vision for what I would try to get to try for a ship in next couple years.

Would I be over or undervaluing him with that ask. (latavius or D willesque) and a 1st)

I feel like you really buried the lead here. Are you or someone else valuing Latavius Murray and Damien Williams the same??? Because if someone offered you Williams and a 1st for Kirk you take that deal and never look back. Latavius Murray and a 1st is a more fair deal, but one that I wouldn’t accept if I were you. Those players are hugely different in value and if someone doesn’t recognize the value of Damien Williams’ situation you have to fleece him right this second.

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I see. I am bearish on damien tbh, but know most people aren’t, i brought him up as I would open with that as a trade offer and probably settle for him and a lesser pick.

Whereas I am bullish on latavius and his role in the NO offense.
The damien owner is trying to sell him, and the latavius owner has like 4 firsts this year and 3 next year.
thank you for the insight

If you could get Latavius and a 1st rounder, I’d do that trade. The hype around ARI is ridiculous right now. You could capitalize on that. They did add a bunch of other WRs this offseason and we don’t really know who is going to be the favorite target of Murray. He’s been known to share the ball around in college, so I would expect the same in ARI. The risk is that you trade Kirk and he ends up getting a good chemistry with Murray and is a pro-bowl caliber WR in that offense. However, I think a lot of people are sleeping on Latavius. NO signed him day 1 in FA, so they must have a lot of expectations from him.

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This is a new league and I took mainly yr 3-4 guys who have proven track records. and a few old dogs, who have proven their worth. I figure I can make a go of things this year or next, depending on if any of my rooks pops off and when.
With the amount of interest I figure someone is going to step up and pay for the hype.
thank you