Christian Kirk / Demarcus Robinson Waiver

1/2 PPR

Christian Kirk is on the waiver wire and I’m thinking about dropping Demarcus Robinson for him. I feel that when Tyreek Hill is back Robinson’s value will drop. While Christian Kirk shuld remain steady with that “Air Raid”.

1qb C wentz
WR1 M Evans
WR2 C Samuel
WR3 Demarcus Robinson / Christian Kirk
RB1 Chris carson
RB2 Justin Jacobs/ Carlos Hyde/ Saquon OUT!!!
TE M Andrews
SFlex Andy Dalton


Thanks clan :metal:

What is a justin jacobs lol. Yes you drop DRob for christian kirk - he shouldn’t be on waivers even in a 10 team league.

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OMFG im dead. I’m a charger fan and the name justin must of been in my head lol.

I figured it was a no brainer but I love getting input from the clan. I got him too! Thanks sir! :metal:

Do you have an IR spot to put saquon and have both?
If not I’d go with Kirk

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Yessir thats exactly what I did. I didn’t pick up Gallman or any other RB off waiver because (fingers crossed) I feel that I might be ok til SaQuads come back and nobody was at Kirk’s tier :metal:

Kirk has a high floor due to the number of targets. A good #2. That will change if he can get in the end zone.

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Exactly my thinking, he is a superior talent with a crazy target share. He’s bound to hit the end zone. I was shocked he was on the waiver. :metal: