CHristian Kirk

Would anyone drop him for John Brown or Diotae Johnson? All points league and I do not need him this week.

I would not

I actually did just drop him this AM. I have BUF (bye next week). I really don’t want to drop them and had to drop somebody else to make room to stream a DST for week 6. I may be way off the mark here…but…something about the vagueness of Kingsbury’s report about Kirk’s injury aren’t sitting well with me. AND saw a report yesterday that ARZ is looking to sign a WR after Kirk’s injury which is screaming: RED FLAG to me!!! Again…I may kick myself in the butt later…but…:roll_eyes:

Gotta go with your gut! The footballers just reported in their podcast that Denver might be looking to trade Sanders, so you might be right!

Also, Arizona doesn’t throw the ball downfield either. He’s not getting the yardage we all thought he’s only good for ppr right now unfortunately.

What about for Aiden Tate or Herndon?