Christian mccafery

What package of players and picks would you have to get to trade mccafery in a 14 team ppr dynasty league?

This quesiton is way to open ended to be answered. You provide zero context. What players do you have? What are your team needs? How much draft picks do yo have? Are you a contender or rebuilding? What does the team that has CMC have?

Absent of all that, right now to buy CMC, you basically have to sell the farm and all the underlying land.

14 team league and you’re wanting a top 5 guy…good luck? You’ll need to give up two top 50 players and additionally a couple early draft picks. You didn’t give us your roster to choose from, so we can’t really help you out too much.

For instance, a Robert Woods and Devante Freeman paired with a 2020 & 2021 1st round picks…that should be able to get him. You’re sacrificing a lot at that point though, and I don’t think CMC is worth that. He had ridiculous receiving numbers last season that I don’t think he will be able to repeat. Olsen is back, Moore and Samuels have more experience and chemistry with Newton, Newton had the surgery so he can throw further than 20 yards (less checkdowns). Plus CMC put on serious mass and we don’t know how that will effect his play style.

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Ok I have cmc on my roster. The reason I asked the question is because I’ve posted a few trade offers and been told that not enough. One offer was calvin Ridley amari cooper and pick 1.03 another was Odell and freeman. As was just posing the question to find a ballpark range of players and picks to ask for back.

The cooper one isn’t bad TBH assuming you could land like Harry at 1.03 if you know your league is RB heavy and you’re looking to do a rebuild. Can probably squeeze a bit more out of it though.

Just curious if you landed two wr in the trade and lost one running back why would you want harry?

i think the best question right now is… why do you want to trade him away? the guy is a beast, ESPECIALLY full PPR. because im not giving him up cheap in most leagues, let alone 14 man PPR. if you put some feelers out there and no one is biting, dont go lower. cause i already kind of think you would be giving up CMC too cheap with the 2 offers you mentioned.

Mainly because I always draft the best player available instead of drafting on need. I have Harry and Jacobs in their own tier. Then there’s a huge gap and then Monty and sanders. That’s just my own philosophy because I’d rather take the better player which becomes a better trade chip if they hit them draft a worse player based on need and miss.

Personally I just value reciever more than rb. Rbs have shorter shelf life. Wr are less likely to get injured.

That’s fair logic. I personally have Montgomery in that group as well. I follow your logic though and usually go best player available. Unless i have two players equally rated then I go rb. The reasoning is a rb gets on the field earlier and once a rb has value you can flip them for a solid wr. It cuts some of the bust rate out.

Yeah I am very much out on David Montgomery. His running style would be great and I’d be all in if he had any semblance of athletic profile or at a bare minimum, some burst. I don’t think he will cut it and be a workhorse like people projecting him to be. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it’s nearly an even split between him and mike Davis. Also I think in general, people are smarter to the whole trend of selling WRs too cheap and recognize it takes time to develop. Harry checks every single box for me in terms of traits for WRs I value most so he’s actually in a tier by himself for me but Jacobs I can stomach if you really just need that one RB to put you over the top. Just can’t get there for mont or sanders. But if you have Montgomery in tier 1, then go for it.