Christian McCaffrey for Kamara and More?

Dyansty Trade:


Christian McCaffrey

Latavius Murray
Deebo Samuel
2021 1st

Is this give up way to much? McCaffrey’s value is skyrocketed and good chance of regression and Kamara is on the opposite side of that spectrum next year with his low TD numbers this year.

Please let me know what you guys think of this trade


I got offered Kamara and Mike Evans for CMC and turned it down. Not sure if that was the right move or not.

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I would seriously consider trading away CMC. His value has likely peaked. Can’t go much higher than 1.01. And regression is due. His 2019 year was a serious outlier.

So with that I would not want to pay this treasure chest, or any, for CMC. If you can get him for less than market - go for it.

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Murray doesn’t move the needle for me much, but the ideal of Kamara + Upside WR + 2021 first seems pretty solid to me.

I have worries If Newton doesn’t come back, McCaffrey may start to run into a team in a true rebuild that will hurt his value/may end up running him into the ground.

I would take the Kam / LM / DS / 2.05 / 2021 1st side of that trade.

I like CMC just fine, but I would rather all those pieces in a vacuum.

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I would take the Kamara side of that trade. That’s a huge haul to give away, even for a player of CMC’s caliber

I think this comes down to roster construction. Both sides are fairly equal, but you’d be forced to take up 4 additional roster spots with the Murray/Samuel and 2 picks. So you’d have to drop 4 players. If you don’t have 4 players that you can easily drop, then this puts you in a pickle. For example I have no one to drop outside of the top 200 overall dynasty assets except for Antonio Brown, so I wouldn’t trade CMC for that in my circumstance. If CMC was all you had on a rebuilding or even middling team, then this would be a fantastic trade for you to make. Good luck!