Christian McCaffrey or Travis Kelce

New to this forum. I’m in a keeper league, standard PPR. I have a choice to make, do I keep Christian McCaffrey or Travis Kelce. Either one will cost me a first round pick.

CMC and it is not close. Like, at all.
Kelce is replaceable and CMC is not.


Agreed for sure!

This is CMC no questions

This isn’t even close for me. I would go Keller. CMC production is gonna drop. I think everyone is looking at CMC stats and say he would be the player. I argue the fact that while he was getting all that production, the team lost all of those games. That’s telling me that they will need to try something different to win games. Go Keller. You heard it here first.

Yeah this isn’t even close. CMC in a full PPR is gold. 385 points last season compared to Kelce at 294. Even with an expected regression he will still get 200+ attempts and 100+ targets. Kelce got 150 targets last season and it was the most in his career for a season. Unless he keeps having career years, last season was the ceiling for Kelce.

Definitely keep McCaffrey imo

CMC is a top 4 pick, Kelce is a 2-3rd round pick, it’s an easy choice for me, I’m going to get top 4 value out of a keeper for a first round. The cost to keep Kelce is too high.

CMC hands down for me