Chubb 4.10 or gibson 10.10?

Which do you keep?

Both are great deals, but Gibson at 10.10 is too good to pass up. That’s a strong RB2 with RB1 potential at the end of the draft.


Was going to say the same thing as Harambe24 but he beat me to it. Gibson at 10.10 is just too good of a bargain.

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I agree, Gibby for a 10th is a bargin.

However, Chubb for 4.10 is also great value as well. He is currently going in the 1st round in all scoring formats and is a lock for being a RB1 (imho).

In 12 games last year, he was the RB9 (standard)/RB11 (PPR) with 1,067 yds at 5.6 yds/carry with 12 TDs. In addition, Chubb still sees some work in the passing game he only had 16 rec last year, but in 2019 he had 36 rec which is serviceable if he can stay around that number.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either, but I personally lean Chubb at 4.10 because he has proven he can be a bell cow on a run first team.

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Outrageous values on both.

I’ll go Chubb though. I think he realistically could be top 5 RB this year.

It’s sad to lose Gibson at 10 but I simply can’t turn down chubb at 4.

Excellent work in having this as an option though.


Sick deals. You must have gotten gibseason before AP was dropped. I’d go all in on Gibson and make Mike proud.

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Thanks All!!!

Gibson. Keep the extra pick in the early rounds can alway draft chubb at the backend of one and get a good receiver to add.