Chubb and Deebo for Henry and?

Full PPR League. I am sitting in first place with a 6-1 record. The Henry owner approached me to trade Henry for Chubb and Deebo. I hate giving up both of them for just Henry. Is this a fair trade? Should I try and get a WR with it to balance it out? OR will Chubb get a lot of work with Hunt out? The one thing that does scare me is if Lance takes over in SF, what is Deebo’s target share look like?

My team:
QB - Rodgers / Watson
RB - Chubb, Edmonds, L. Murray, Conner, Gainwell, Wilson Jr (IR)
WR - Hill, Samuel, Pittman, E. Sanders
TW - Andrews, Uzomah
K - Tucker

I would agree that is tough to give up both of them for just Henry. What do his Wrs look like? I think Pittman is a solid WR2 but only having those 3 WRs is a bit scary. I would agree that Lance taking over is a slight concern but I still think Deebo should be at worst a WR2/3. And I do think Chubb is going to smash while Hunt is out, even if he does give up some work to Johnson

He is sitting at 2-5. So I know he is trying to make moves to win. His WR are: Ridley, D. Johnson, McLaurin, Shenault, and Callaway. The only two I think I would be interested in are Ridley or Johnson. I doubt he will give up McLaurin.

boy that is tough, huge drop off from his top 3 WRs to the next one. If he is one of the people who have given up on Ridley that would be a great addition. But I am guessing you would have to give something else up as well. Honestly surprised he wants Deebo with the 3 WRs he already has…

Henry and Ridley for Deebo and Chubb?

Or hold onto Chubb and Deebo?

worth offering but I am guessing he wont accept. I would imagine he views the downgrade from Henry as a bigger hit than the Deebo upgrade (unless he is really down on Ridley).

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