Chubb and Edelman/Gordon for Diggs or CMC?

Are either of those trades fair and worth it???
My RBs are Kamara Hyde Chubb AP
WRs are Adams Edelman Gordon and Coutee

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Uh yes. If your depth can sustain. Give me cmc for sureeeee. There is probably a Tre’Quan smith of courtland Sutton you could stash in place. And if you would have asked me who I like better Edelman vs Gordon. Last week I would have said Edelman. But Gordon looks legit. He must have been playing madden 15/16 when he was suspended. Did you see him face catch over a guy? I think that he legit told Brady to give him shots like that.

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Hahaha that was a pretty sick catch, I was hoping he’d give on the endzone on that long pass but he went down at the 1