Chubb and Hunt Sustainable on the Same Team?

This is standard format league, working on a trade that make my rb1/2 to be Chubb and Hunt. So far, they seem to be just fine to start together. My receivers get substantially better in this trade which is why I am leaning towards it. Thoughts?

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Having teammates on your fantasy team tends to promote more consistent scoring–fewer bad weeks and fewer great weeks. It’s not likely that both of them will have a terrible week at the same time, but it’s also not likely that both will have great weeks at the same time, the way two RBs from different teams might do.

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I agree with @AxeElf on this. I would just add that in the specific example of CLE it likely works better than other teams. (DAL might also be fine?) In general I do not like it because as noted it can limit your upside. That said, the floor is a nice feeling as noted above and you can survive a bit of a capped ceiling. Especially if you are looking at WR to carry you. CLE I think would be a safe squad to do this.

I suppose another upside to stacking CLE as opposed to drafting from two different teams would be if you go with two teams, you need to hope you have the right guy (SEE: BAL / SF / BUF / DEN / DET / etc). Dodging that minefield could be helpful.