Chubb and Kittle to buy Zach Ertz? Chubb doesnt fit in my team. Should I do it?

Team is


Chubb in bench.

Should I do this trade? Or should I trade evans or juju away and flex chubb?

I would take Ertz in a heartbeat. I don’t know if they would bite on that trade though.

Yeah he sent me the trade because he lost freeman, and also carlos hyde he knows wont be good when fournette is back. So he wants chubb.

I am a believer of chubb though. I too was thinking of making the trade.

who are your other rbs? gordon is on bye this week, do you have someone good enough to start? If you have a good rb depth really dont need chubb for your team, this trade is very good for you. But if your depth is going to hurt, i wouldnt do it

For this week I wouldnt have anything reliable no. But I have an excellent record, so if the trade will improve my team in the longterm I could maybe gamble this week?

if you dont have anyone reliable, dont do this trade. Gordon has a record of injuries, and if you lose him, your season will be over if you dont have a good rb on your bench. I’d keep chubb.

Yeah but I mean I think the depth has a price. I could gamble gordon will be fine and upgrade my team at other position.

I was also offered Kamara for thielen and chubb what do you think?