Chubb & Dede for Fournette & AJ Green

Would you make this trade?
I’m the one giving Chubb and Dede

Anyone? In the middle of discussions

I’d say no. you’re downgrading going from Chubb to fornuette, and Green is still hurt for the forseeable future.

Don’t panic after week 1 Chubb, i’m actually targeting him for trades because i think people will sell low on him.


Ill echo this, I have to prefer the Browns offense with the chip on their shoulder that week one produced. They are gonna want to murder the Jets to get back on the right track

Agree with jtess

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I’d pass. Chubb is an rb I’d still be happy to trust

What about the following:

Jacobs + Alshon + Westbrook + Justin Jackson

and receiving:

Fournette + Green + AP + Keke Coutee


(Note that I got Guice on my bench at the moment so receive AP is saving his value until he returns from injury)

I still think you are betting too much on how good AJ Green will be once he gets back, which might be awhile from now. I would stick with what you have especially since Alshon and Westbrook wont be terrible options for you