Chubb Dynasty Trade

In my 10 team .5ppr dynasty I’ve been offered James Robinson + the 1.03 for Nick Chubb

My other Rbs are:
Saquon Barkley
Marlon Mack

I know I’m really thin at RB but my thought process is I can draft an RB with the 1.03. should I honestly just stick with Chubb?

I’d take that in a heart beat

So you’re not worried about the fact that the jaguars might draft a running back? I know Robinson is extremely solid if they don’t.

I think two rb’s are better than one. If you trade away chubb and get robison and teh third you can get another rb. I may be wrong, but thast just my thinking


I like this deal. Even Robinson in a 1A/1B scenario will be solid coupled with getting harris or Etienne at the 1.03.
You’ll have 3 solid starters