Chubb for bell and singletory

I’m the chubb owner, considering offering him for bell and singletory. Given he’s on a bye week and bells upcoming schedule is good I think it might be worth it. What do you guys think?

I’m a Chubb owner too considering a trade and the appropriate value. Chubb’s been so good, I’m struggling to offer him up.

I like this trade. I have Bell and Singletary in my league. He looked great before he got hurt. I think it would be a good trade for you. Especially if there’s any keeper value in Singletary.

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I’ve just proposed it. He’s one of the more knowledgeable football fans so he’s a bit suspicious. I doubt he’ll run with it! :man_shrugging:

I like this trade; sell Chubb high while you can as he has a pretty tough stretch ahead of him (BYE, NE, DEN, BUF, PIT). Bell’s schedule is very favorable for the foreseeable future and while Singletary’s isn’t a cakewalk, he does get Mia twice in the next 5 weeks.

Still hasn’t accepted, hes concerned about when hunt comes back. But I think he’ll have a good 2 weeks until hunt is fully back in, if chubb is still playing he might hold on to the #1 back role. It all depends on if the browns are near a playoff or not!

If you have to I would consider moving off Singletary to someone else to get the deal done. I think Bell is a GREAT buy, offense is only going to get better with Darnold and with that schedule buy him

I’ve thrown the bears Def in to the deal. I already have the 49ers Def.
He’s trying to get Kelce off me, he has hunter Henry and Andrews on his roster (it’s a 1 TE league). I know Kelce has been underwhelming but I struggle to let him go still!!

If you give up Kelce, get back Henry or Andrews

Hunt is not going to take over that backfield. Chubb was handpicked by Dorsey himself and will keep its #1 duties even when Hunt returns. I think the Browns made the move to acquire Hunt because they bought into their own hype and figured to be in prime position for a playoff run (which they still might be).

In redraft I would do this. Otherwise I would not. Bell does have (on paper) a great looking RoS and I am high on Singletary.

My two cents: Chubb will be fine and Hunt is not going to take much away regardless of their standing. He might get a bit more if they are just out, but that is to showcase him and get picks. IMHO he is not on their roster next season. That is why I would not do this in any league other than redraft.

Yeah it’s a redraft league. He still hasn’t decided yet, so there’s still hope.

New throw of the dice, I’m gonna offer him chubb and Kelce for bell singletory and Andrews. What do you think?

I hope you get it! I’m trying to push all in on Bell where ever I can get him.

Close, but no cigar… :disappointed:

I would do this for sure. Bell schedule after this week is way too sweet.

Yeah unfortunately he didn’t go for it. Nearly had him though. Last season I tried to trade him Gordon for Hunt, he didn’t go for it then either. The following week hunt had his ‘domestic issues’. :grin: Hopefully he regrets turning this one down too!!

BREAKING NEWS - he accepted it! Now I’m just having the usual after trade sweats thinking I made a big mistake! Rest of the league are going nuts of course :rofl:

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Lucky! I tried trading Chubb for Bell but it was gonna be Bell and Edelman for Hopkins and Chubb but he ended up taking back the deal I wanted to get Bell so badly lol @Duddy2019

I’m starting to think of doing Chubb and Hopkins for Carson and TY

What was the final trade?